Let’s Join No Air Con Night 2021!

Territory-wide campaign “No Air Con Night 2021″ is coming for 12 consecutive years. We call for turning off the air con on that night, in cooling down the Earth. Some people may start to reduce the use of air-conditioning at home by joining the campaign. Therefore we encourage the member of the public to “Turn off the air con when the outdoor temperature is below 27 degree Celcius”. Let “No Air Con Night” become a habit, not only for one night! It can be today, tomorrow and every night!

We believe a change starts day-to-day. To ease the Global Warming and extreme weather, we are responsible to reduce the greenhouse gases emission and implement green living. When we rely on cooling our room temperature by air con, the weather will be hotter and hotter, which is trapped in a vicious circle. A better way to cool down is turning off the air con.

In the coming August to September, public engagement activities such as a lyrics competition of《夏日熱辣辣—無冷氣版》https://youtu.be/znbGpYaTGfc, “No Air Con Week Writing Competition”, “Creative Cooling Method Challenge” are for all ages with prizes. Please follow Green Sense Facebook Page for more details.

More about No Air Con Night:http://greensense.org.hk/noaircon