Talks & Workshops
We have organized talks and workshops for a number of enterprises, schools and organizations. Relevant information are provided according to the background of audience, in order to enhance environmental consciousness and knowledge. Topics of talks include climate change, green living, Urban Planning in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Ecology etc. Workshops cover DIY and up-cycling elements. We will decide on a case-by-case basis should there be any other interesting topics.

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There are many places with high ecological value in Hong Kong. The public can experience nature through joining eco-tours. Our eco-tours are guided by professionally trained and experienced college students or part-time persons. Simple explanation will be given during the tour on profound phenomena, in order to evoke the passion of participants toward nature.

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Joint Activities or Researches
Joint Activities or Researches
It is our vision to raise public green sense and protect the environment together. Therefore, we welcome jointly organised Green activities with other parties. Examples of Green activities include carnivals, competitions, exhibitions and shopping mall activities. If you wish to have Green activities but happen to be temporarily lack of ideas or action plans, we were most happy to discuss with you.

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