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Green Sense, established in 2004 and registered as Charitable Institutions in 2010.

We aim to point out the non-environmental friendly practices in society through research and monitoring.  We enhance the environmental consciousness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmentally friendly society, for the sake of our next generation.

Environmental research conducted by individuals or groups with us are most welcomed. We may also help you release your research result. If you have any creative or powerful research topic, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Held “Green LNY (Tsuen Wan)” for the second year
  • Organised “Green Sense Charity Hike 2019”
  • Co-organised “ECF Shui Hau Magnification – Understanding Human Disturbances on Horseshoe Crabs” for the second year with the Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong
  • Set up a street stall in July 1st demonstration for the eleventh year to promote recycling, as well as spread our oppositions and rationale on “Lantau Tomorrow Vision”
  • Held “Green Living in Tai Po 2019” programme for the fourth year, with more guided eco-tours and green workshops, to promote waste reduction
  • Organised the 10th No Air Con Night with the support from over 80 thousand households. Survey on air conditioning in offices to call for wisely use of energy
  • Concerned about the use of tear gas and blue liquid, and the environmental consequences after use
  • Launched “Tai Po Waste Free Community 2019” for the second year, organising visits to local waste management facilities


  • Organised “Green LNY (Tsuen Wan)” with Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD), to promote on-site recycling and waste reduction
  • Organised “Green Sense Charity Hike 2018”
  • Launched “SAY NO to ‘Disposables’ – Less Disposables to Reduce Waste” campaign with ECC and the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), conducted surveys on the disposable utensils in food courts, and invited restaurants to sign the “Zero Dine-in Disposable Utensils Charter”
  • Authorized by Social Welfare Department to carry out the flag selling in Kowloon district on 14th July with 400 volunteers’ participation, for supporting our educational projects and raise the environmental awareness among the community
  • Set up a street stall in July 1st demonstration for the tenth year to promote recycling, green and town planning information, as well as spreading our stance and rationale on land supply issues
  • Co-organised “ECF Shui Hau Magnification – Understanding Human Disturbances on Horseshoe Crabs” with the Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong
  • Strongly opposed government’s “Lantau Tomorrow Vision”, the massive reclamation project
  • Promoted better use of yard waste after the “Super Typhoon Mangkhut” to lessen dumping to landfills
  • Organised the 9th No Air Con Night with over 90 thousand households, government departments and bureaux, political parties and schools participating
  • Held “Green Living in Tai Po 2018” programme for the third year
  • Launched “Tai Po Waste Free Community” with Tai Po District Council and sponsorship from EPD


  • Organised “Green Sense Charity Hike 2017”
  • Organised monthly green events since April 2017, which is a way to connect volunteers and the community
  • Exposed the potential problem of reclamation material in 3rd runway works and potential impact of Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF) of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) on marine ecology
  • Sent an open letter to the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services regarding the illegal pruning and destroying at the egretry in Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po, and subsequent destruction of nests and killing of wild birds
  • Set up a street stall in July 1st demonstration for the ninth year to promote recycling and collect unwanted leaflets
  • Organised workshops to make fabric flower ornaments in Japanese style
  • Held “Green Living in Tai Po” programme for the second year
  • Organised the 8th Hong Kong No Air Con Night with over 94 thousands families, government departments and bureaux, political parties and schools participating
  • Commissioned HKU POP to conduct a research on population policy and housing issue, and urged the government to devise a population policy and combat real estate speculation
  • Cooperated with Lee On Estate Estate Management Advisory Committee and organised recycling workshop and guided tours for the third year


  • Organised “Green Sense Charity Hike 2016”
  • Looked into the impact of 3rd runway system on airports in Shenzhen and Macau and the grave aviation safety concern behind with “No 3rd Runway”
  • Set up a street stall in July 1st demonstration for the eighth year to promote recycling, green and town planning information, as well as spread the rationale of opposing the 3rd runway
  • Rolled out “Green Living in Tai Po“ programme for the first year with Working Group on Environmental Protection and Optimisation, offering docent tours and green life workshops
  • Organised the 7th Hong Kong No Air Con Night,  with over 80,000 families participating
  • Conducted a survey on air conditioning in shopping malls, and urged the public to think twice before switching on the air conditioner and shopping malls to adhere Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature


  • Organised “Green Sense 10th Anniversary Charity Hike 2015”
  • Introduced the “Travel Green in Hong Kong” series to promote local green travel experience through training of academic and public ambassadors, route planning competition and guided tours.
  • Authorized by Social Welfare Department to carry out the first flag selling in Kowloon district on 18th July with 650 volunteers’ participation. The fund would be used for organizing environmental education talks, eco-tours and workshops, researching environmental issue and printing publications, etc.
  • Monitored government’s unusual tree felling, called for an increase in transparency of tree inspection of Tree Management Office and other Government departments.
  • Invited by Lee On Estate Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) to carry out “Green Living” Programme to arouse environmental awareness in citizens’ green life and learnt more about the nature surrounded the community.


  • Organised “Green Sense Walkathon 2014”
  • Participated in RTHK Pilot Project the Second Term (Forth Season) for Community Involvement Broadcasting Service with the topic of “Green Hong Kong, a liveable city”. In a series of 13 episodes, various environmental policies, education and promotion experiences were shared by Green Sense hosts and different guests.
  • Followed closely on  the Government’s large scale rezoning of green belts with several environmental and community organizations, requested re-evaluation and public consultation on such major change in town planning.
  • Strongly opposed to the Environmental Impact Assessment report of the construction of the third runway. Also, pointed out that HK airport could not reach its efficiency due to the “sky wall” and “false saturation” problems. However, after discussing by the Advisory Council on the Environment, the Environmental Protection Department had issued the environmental permit in November.


  • Proposed an alternative to utilize golf course in Fanling to develop a new town to substitute the Government’s proposal which will destroy the homes and farms.
  • The Estate Agents Authority has issued a practice circular in January requiring provision of saleable area when handling sale or lease of residential properties.
  • Organised “Green Sense Walkathon 2013”
  • The Residential Properties (First-hand Sale) ordinance came into effect in April, which requires provision of saleable area only for first hand residential properties, and to enhance transparency and fairness of sales.
  • Organized series of actions and campaigns to oppose the ‘blindly grabbing of land’ of the Government, including reclamation. Required a more thoughtful and long-term planning of the city and protection of the natural environment, especially the marine ecology.
  • A green group stopped the cooperation with a development to develop Fung Lok Wai wetland. While the application was approved with conditions by Town Planning Board.


  • The first Green Sense Walkathon for fund raising was organized on 27thMarch 2011. The event is continued every year after that.
  • Successfully advocated the government to impose regulation on “inflated buildings”. The new practice note restricting GFA concession took effect on 1st April 2011.
  • Green Sense was one of the members of the ‘Government Hill Concern Group’, which asked for preserving the whole Central Government offices. The Government finally agreed not to demolish the west wing.
  • Improved design for MTR property stressed in 2011-2012 Budget to reduce wall effect. The West Rail Property Development Limited has redesigned six property developments above MTR stations along the West Rail. This will help increase the supply of small and medium-sized flats. The plans also complied with guidelines on controlling “inflated buildings”.
  • Strongly opposed to the third runway of the airport with the concern of marine ecology, aircraft noise, air pollution and carrying capacity of tourists.
  • Organize two trips for beach cleanups after “Plastic Disaster” on 5th and 12th August 2012, due to the dispersal of 150 tons of plastic pallets after Typhoon Vicente. Our team led more than 600 volunteers to Lammar Island, Cheung Chau, Mui Wo and Chi Ma Wan to mitigate the ecological crisis.
  • The government introduced Buyers’ Stamp Duty and enhanced Stamp Duty, targeting non-Hong Kong permanent residents and speculative transactions.
  • Join as a member of Save Lung Mei Alliance to protect the natural intertidal habitat of Lung Mei.
  • Green Sense has advocated the legislation of light pollution for years. The government issued guidelines to regulate the light pollution problem that year. However, it is in voluntary basis.


  • Incorporated and registered as tax exempted charity under section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance.
  • Tackled the problem of “inflated buildings” which abuses the concession granted for the calculation of gross floor area, including bay window, prefabricated non-structural walls, clubhouses and car parks.
  • Series of investigations on misleading property advertisements.
  • The government started to impose height limits, GFA caps and wind corridors on Outline Zoning Plans in order to address the problem of wall effect.
  • Six retailers joined our “No wrapping paper” campaign to reduce the use of gift wrapping paper in Chinese New Year.
    The book “Walled City”, concerning the walled buildings and urban planning in Hong Kong, was published.
  • The first “No Air Con Night” was organized on 29th September 2010, with support from at least 8 political parties, universities and tertiary education institutes, 161 primary and secondary schools, more than 50 corporations and 50,000 households.
  • Successfully promoted the public to reduce the consumptions of shark fins in banquet by a series of events, such as promotion outside wedding expos, “Sharks We Care”- No Shark Fin for School Events, joining the “Protect the wild animals on dining table” parade.


  • Successfully aroused the awareness of walled buildings by series of investigations, reports and campaigns. The government started to reduce the density and promised to improve the design of future property developments.
  • The 1stGreen Festival, introduced green tips for celebrating the Chinese New Year, the Valentine’s Day, the Children’s Day and the Christmas.
  • Encouraged the reduction of disposable utensils being used in fast food shops. KFC started to use reusable cups to replace disposable ones.
  • Organized “Light off” campaigns in schools to spread the message of energy-saving. 473 schools joined in 2007 and 413 schools joined in 2008.


  • “Reducing plastic bags and tissue day” organized on 4th March to promote the waste reduction when buying newspaper. Dr. Sarah Liao, the Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau was the officiating guest of honour of the launching ceremony.
  • Started to tackle problems of walled buildings, which seriously worsen the ventilation and air pollution problem in urban area. West Kowloon and properties at railway stations atop were our major concern area.
  • Study on waste of paper by excessive copies of prospectus during initial public offerings (IPO).
  • Organized “Green Christmas School” activity to suggest green tips during Christmas celebration, e.g. reduce food waste and use of disposable utensils.


  • The first investigation and campaign targeted at freezing temperature in air-conditioned buses.
  • 156 schools joined the “Saving 50,000,000 units of electricity” campaign, promoting using less air conditioning.


  • Green Sense established in November, 2004.
  • Aroused public concern on the proposed demolition of Hung Hom Peninsula and the developers agreed to retain the buildings.
  • The first large-scale investigation on plastic bags from bakery shops.