Green Sense Charity Hike 2022 – Aberdeen Reservoir

Green Sense Charity Hike 2022 is our annual fund-raising event, aiming at arising the public interest and concern for the natural environment. All donations will be used for environmental education, promotion and investigation.

Aberdeen Reservoir is the selected route this year. It is not only a mere country park with friendly facilities for the physically disabled on Hong Kong Island but also an ecological and historical hub. Hiking trails with various difficulties can be found whilst visitors can explore the rich biodiversity along the nature trail and tree walk. Being one of the oldest country parks in Hong Kong, more World War monuments can be probed in line with the Aberdeen Country Park and Lady Clementi’s Ride.

Two suggested routes are suggested this year, the “Barrier-free Route”, and the “Aberdeen Reservoir (Whole Trail)”. Participants with physically disabled or family teams are welcome to select the “Barrier-free Route” to explore the Aberdeen Reservoir in a chill and relaxing way. Alternatively, participants can opt for the “Aberdeen Reservoir (Whole Trail)” to continue their adventure along the Lady Clementi’s Ride to Wanchai Gap Park.

Event will be held from 22 April to 22 May 2022 in accordance with the latest guidelines of the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G). We sincerely invite you to support us!

Enroll Now! (Green Sense Charity Hike 2022 website:http://greensense.org.hk/charityhike

Route Preview
Barrier-free Charity Hike: Aberdeen Reservoir Road
Distance ~ 3 km | Duration ~ 1.5 hours
Start at Aberdeen Reservoir Road → Aberdeen PHAB Barbecue Site → Aberdeen Upper Reservoir → End at Aberdeen Reservoir Road
(Retrace along the original route)

Aberdeen Reservoir Charity Hike (Whole Trail): Aberdeen Reservoir Road to Wanchai Gap Park
Distance ~ 4 km | Duration ~ 2 hours
Start at Aberdeen Reservoir Road → Aberdeen Lower Reservoir → Aberdeen Upper Reservoir → Lady Clementi’s Ride → End at Wanchai Gap Park

Starting point: Aberdeen Reservoir Road

Turn left for the “Barrier-free Route”, aiming Upper Aberdeen Reservoir as ending point.

The Kids Walk and the Aberdeen PHAB Barbecue Site can be reached along the path. With the extensive facilities such as the wheelchair trails, Braille map, and barbecue place, newbie hikers and people with physical disabled can enjoy their field time here. Going further ahead will be a huge resting place with a Kiosk, where we may slow down our pace here and enjoy the calling song from the Black-throated Laughingthrush and the nectar-feeding scene from the butterflies. After that, we may stroll to the Dam of the Upper Reservoir through the catchwater channel.

Turn right for the “Aberdeen Reservoir Whole Trail” option; aiming Wanchai Gap Park as ending point.

A tiny red-brick structure can be found, when taking the right side of the country park entrance, next to the service reservoir. With this cubic appearance, it may be hard to convince that a Chemical House and Air Vents, which was even rated as Grade 3 Historical Building, is here in our sight. A few steps later, another declared monument, the Dam of Lower Aberdeen Reservoir, can be reached. This fabulous reservoir has been famed for not only its astonishing momentum but also the history of water supply in the west of Hong Kong Island.

The Dam of Lower Aberdeen Reservoir was built in 1890 and privately owned by Tai Shing Paper Mill. It was used as the drinking water supply for the residents in Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau voluntarily. However, the drinking water supply in the west of Hong Kong Island was still under concern despite the supply from Tai Tam Reservoir, due to the narrow water pipeline, which connected Tai Tam to the west. Thus, the residents in the west of Hong Kong Island used to rely heavily on Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. As a result, the Lower Aberdeen Reservoir was acquired and expanded by the Hong Kong Governor to alleviate the drinking water supply in the west. Besides, we may also find a secretive reddish pump house, a Grade 2 Historical Building, at the other end when we look down from the dam. After the short tour on the Lower Reservoir, we may stroll to the Upper Dam alongside the glassy reservoir.

The Dam of Upper Reservoir, the other granite-built declared monument can be found. The rich biodiversity here with the fishes in the reservoir, which will be fed by various birds like the egret, black kite, and even the Large-billed Crow may be seen. Besides, the breathtaking scenery with mountain breeze will surely get us away from the urban hectic life temporarily. Looking down from the dam, we may also find another declared monument, a classical Masonry Bridge, that teems with historical rudiments. Apart from the bridge that locates downward, there is another cubic declared monument, the Valve House, in the middle of the dam and under the Italian pragmatism style.

Lady Clementi’s Ride will be the next destination after passing through the dam. It was named for such a special name due to the pastime in horsing of Lady Clementi along this path. During the way up to the Wanchai Gap Park, we may find several Military Pillboxes alongside, which indicated the history of how the British army protected the reservoirs and prevented the war extension to the south of Hong Kong Island. Other than the military remains, we can also encounter some masonry bridges along the trail. One of the bridges even spanned the river across Lady Clementi’s Ride and Aberdeen.

When approaching the Wanchai Gap Park, Hong Kong rose, a protected species under the Forestry Regulations, may be found. It draws a wonderful end of the journey.

Please support Green Sense Charity Hike 2022 by:

1. Individual participation
A minimum donation amount of HKD200 for a souvenir pack (include ONE event badge, ONE set of eco-products from The Overlander, ONE set of gift coupons and ONE HYKE micro-insurance package for FIVE hiking trips from YAS Hong Kong)

2. Family participation
A minimum donation amount of HKD 500 for TWO souvenir packs and ONE family set of “Charity Hike Bingo”

3. Corporates/ Team participation
A minimum donation amount of HKD 2000 for FOUR souvenir packs, ONE team set of “Charity Hike Bingo” and ONE e-certificate. Extra donation amount of HKD 500 for each additional participant.

*Souvenirs are subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stock last.
*HYKE micro-insurance product from YAS Hong Kong is only eligible for 8-65 years old participants

If you cannot join the Charity Hike 2021, donations are also welcomed.【Click here to make an online donation】

Participants are required to study the activity route and adjust the difficulties based on their body conditions before the trip.
Participants are needed to
1. Upload route record to TrailWatch or YAS Hong Kong (Subject: GS2022),
2. email checkpoint photos with event badge and route record. E-certificate will be awarded after uploading completion record. (Bingo players should submit their mission completed record according to the reminder and hints in email.
Nalgene Sustain Water Bottles will be awarded to the fastest completion and submission of “Charity Hike Bingo” from family and corporate/ team.

Deadline for route or photos submission: 22nd May 2022 (Sun) 11:59 PM

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions
The organiser, its contractors and employees and representatives will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to participants or spectators during the event.
Donation is non-refundable. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to participants who declare false information on their application form, do not make the minimum donation, or fail to meet application requirements as stated.
The organiser reserves the right to use the photos that are submitted by participants for event promotion and record.
The souvenir packs will be delivered via local mail. The organiser does not responsible for any risks of parcel destruction or loss during delivery.
Souvenirs are subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stock last.

Other details can refer to http://greensense.org.hk/charityhike