Green Sense No Air Con Night 2020 Event Summary

Over 90,000 households support the 11th No Air Con Night

Turning off the Air Con, Cooling the Earth

The “11th No Air Con Night” was successfully held on 9th October, 2020, Friday. This annual energy saving event aims to promote green practices and encourage people to bear the responsibility as a member of the earth village.

Easing global warming starts with a simple action! We are happy to announce that over 90,000 households have signed up for “No Air Con Night 2020”! With reference to an air con consuming 1kWh of electricity per hour, turning on the air con for 8 hours would equate to emitting around 4.43kg of carbon emission. Referring to the participation date of 90,000 households in this year’s “No Air Con Night” (from 7pm to 7am the next day) would decrease electricity consumption by 1080MW, while reducing 598 tons of carbon emission.

This year, with the significant support from 49 Universities and Higher Education Institutes, and 287 Schools (including 55 Secondary Schools, 115 Primary Schools and 117 Kindergartens), thousands of students, staff and parents have the chance to understand the importance in saving energy and the practice of green lifestyles. Some schools also held different kinds of energy saving activities in response to this campaign.

Moreover, 246 companies and organizations have pledged to join “No Air Con Night 2020”. Over 1400 buildings and housing estates have called for the support from their colleagues, residents and tenants, and some of the property management offices to turn off the air con. They posted No Air Con Night posters, stickers and display the paperless promotion on the e-panels.

It is our honour to gain the generous support from the Hong Kong Observatory and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and having dozens of Government departments and related organizations, such as the Transport and Housing Bureau, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Buildings Department, etc., to actively promote our event to their Civil Servant teams. We are also grateful to have the support from over 57 District Council Members. They have published posts on the social media to show their supports.

Apart from political, business and educational parties, we have specially invited a rapper from HKGolden Music to perform the theme song and filmed music video for “No Air Con Night 2020”, arousing support from the general public! This year we also invited Sham Lok Yi, a local artist and Green KOL, to film a promotional video for “No Air Con Night”. In the video, Sham introduced different creative methods for cooling down when not using the air con. She also encouraged us to save energy and reduce carbon emission, as well as joining the “No Air Con Night”.

This year, celebrities of different sectors have supported “No Air Con Night”, including:

  • Mr. PANG Yiu Hung, JP (Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services (Ag.)
  • Dr. CHENG Cho Ming (Director of HK Observatory)
  • Mr. LAM Chiu Ying (Former Director of HK Observatory)
  • Futou Annie (Musician)
  • Mr. MOK Ho Kwong (Founder of Natural Network)
  • Ms. SHAM Lok Yi (Artist)
  • Miss Cecilia CHOI (Actress)
  • Ah Jeng (Radio DJ)

More about the participation list: https://en.noaircon.com/participation

Apart from inviting celebrities to support “No Air Con Night”, we are also aware that a number of public figures, including radio presenter, writer, and artist, have encouraged the public to join the event on their social media pages. Meanwhile, various online information platforms helped to promote this year’s “No Air Con Night”. We are motivated by the active responses public figures and the media have shown towards the event, which also reflects our society’s increasing awareness towards environmental issues.

This year, under the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, we launched a new online activity for “No Air Con Night”– “Party Guess with the Polar Bear”, which allowed us to interact with the public via social media. In a video clip, an actor in a “Polar Bear” costume demonstrated a list of movements representing environmentally friendly and climate change messages. Dozens of participants got the correct answer and will receive a reusable umbrella bag. The reusable umbrella bag is an environmentally friendly gift and can substitute single-use umbrella bags. Through this activity, we hope participants and the public can learn to use the air con responsibly, to save energy and to mitigate global warming. We would like to thank the participants who joined this activity.

In the past 9 years, we have host a “No Air Con Night” ceremony in an outdoor air-con-free venue. This year we cannot host a ceremony due to the pandemic, but we are glad that different sectors have still shown their understanding and support for this event.

We thank all of you to turn off the air con and cool the Earth together! Please continue to support the “No Air Con Night” and sustain in the wise use of energy!