Volunteer Recruitment: “No Air Con Night 2019” – Survey on Air Con Usage in Office

Green Sense has long been focusing on the abuse of air con in Hong Kong. In the past decade, we have investigated and reported about the wastage of air con and the heat generated by public transport and public space.

Coincides with the upcoming “No Air Con Night 2019” event, we are going to carry out a series of investigation and promotion on the wise use of air con. We hope to arouse public concerns about the abuse of air con and ultimately take energy saving action with awareness.

This summer, we are going to investigate the situation of air conditioning at office. We hope to provide specific advice for different situations on how to reduce the use of the air con.

We need volunteers to collect questionnaires in the territory (please see the location and time details below).

Date: 5-9 August 2019
Duration: (12:00 – 14:00) 2 hours

Dress code: Casual wear
Prepare yourself with:
1. Smart phone or tablet (for we reduce printing out the questionnaire)
2. Water bottle for drinking
3. Umbrella/raincoat and sunblock
4. Towel/handkerchief (use less tissue paper)

Online enrollment:  https://forms.gle/n3Z66uSyfvm1bpet5

1. We welcome anyone over 15 years old who wish to participate.
2. Participants who are under 18 years old need to submit parents’ letter with signature. (The parents’ letter will be sent with confirmation email)

If you have any question, please contact us at 8100 4877.