The 9th Green Sense No Air Con Night held on 5th Oct Action to cooling the Earth by turning off the Air Con

Green Sense “No Air Con Night” is an annual energy saving event that aims to promote green practices and encourage people to bear the responsibility as a member of the earth village.

Participants pledged to switch off the air con at home from 7pm on 5th Oct to 7am the next day. The event also urged people to reduce air con usage in daily life in order to enjoy the air-con-free environment and rethink how to use the energy and other resources wisely. The 9th Air Con Night responds to the extreme weather and super Typhoon. Hong Kong Government and citizens should act promptly in saving energy and tackling the climate change.

17 Universities and Higher Education Institutes, 309 schools (53 secondary schools, 122 primary schools and special school and 134 kindergartens) take part in No Air Con Night. There were thousands of teachers and students pledged and practice green living. Some schools also hold different kinds of energy-saving activities such as sharing information about global warming and heat island effect at morning assembly, switching off air con during school time in response to this campaign today.

No Air Con Night is also supported by 253 companies and organizations which promote this campaign to their staff. Over 900 buildings also encourage residents and tenants to join. Some property management companies are to turn off the air con at some areas of buildings and estates.

According to the No Air Con Night 2018 registration website , there were over 90 thousands families pledged to turn off the air con on No Air Con Night at home! If each household reduces at least 4.28 kg carbon emitted tonight by turning off the air con in 8 hours, we estimate the reduction of carbon emission by 385 tonnes in this campaign.

We aim to arouse people to rethink their lifestyle and understand the importance of saving energy from the increasing electricity consumption. This campaign also provided a chance for all citizens to reduce carbon emission in daily life.

In order to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission, we encourage the public to join “Energetic Night” at Tamar Park, Western District Promenade – Central Section. We welcomed all members of the public to enjoy the air con free environment together. Over a hundred participants have been signed up for Moonlight Orienteering, Street Workout, Yoga class on lawn and Stargazing.

More about the No Air Con Night and Energetic Night at Waterfront, please refer to http://noaircon.com