No Air Con Night 2013 70,000 households and hostels joined hand to save the planet

Thanks for joining the No Air Con Night on 26th Sept.
273 schools, 15 higher institutions , 165 companies joined
70,000 households and hostels joined hand to save the planet

It’s near the end of October, the weather is cool. It’s time to let the air-conditioner(s) take a “rest”. If there are openable windows in office, such as the staff rooms in schools, it will be perfect to have fresh air in the room rather than air-conditioning.

On the other hand, Green Sense has successfully organized “No Air Con Night 2013” on 26th September. We would like to express our gratitude to the joined individuals and organizations.

15 universities and higher education institutions, 273 schools including 57 secondary schools, 105 primary schools and 111 kindergartens & nursery schools joined and supported the No Air Con Night 2013. Meanwhile, over 165 companies and organizations signed up and urged their staff and members to support, nearly 500 buildings and estates also promoted the event. All students and citizens were encouraged and pledged to turn off the air conditioning at home on 26th September 2013.

From our registration record, over 75,000 households and university students signed up for the No Air Con Night 2013. Refer to the data provided by the electricity generators, the decrease of the electricity consumption was at least 600mw/h in total and reduced 420 tons of carbon dioxide emission.

We are satisfied with the outcome since it is very close to our target. “No Air Con Night” as an energy saving event is to promote the wise use of air conditioning, in order to lower the emission of greenhouse gases by rethink our energy consumption habit.

We hope all of you to put the energy saving practices, especially the abuse of air con, into the green living for protecting our environment through the No Air Con Night. We should lower the emission of carbon dioxide as well as the heated air by air con in our urban environment.