Please join Hong Kong No Air Con Night on 27 Sep

Low Temperature in New Campuses
HKU Centennial Campus – Most Complaint received
Unoccupied Classrooms & Lobbies Air-con keep switched on
3rd No Air Con Night on 27th Sept!
Over 200 Schools & 100 Companies joined

Green Sense has long concerned about the problem of freezing air conditioning in Hong Kong.Within this month, we received 11 complaints from professors and university students. They complained about the freezing air conditioning in lobbies, corridors and classrooms. Some barely reach 20°C.

Among all the targets of complaints, the Centennial Campus of The University of Hong Kong is the “champion”. It may be because of the new four year curriculum and the hurry construction that its air conditioning system is not functioning properly and unable to adjsut to a desired temperature.

We have conducted investigation and measured the temperature of the air conditioning of various universities, especially those new teaching buildings and lecture halls. Corridors of some teaching buildings and some classrooms were only 21°C. We are writing letters to these universities and hope that the relevant departments will follow up seriously.

Also, the 3rd No Air-Con Night will be held on 27th Sept (Thursday) from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. next morning. It is coorganised by many environmental clubs from various universities. To honour the course of the event, many popular figures, including Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Wong Kam Sing, Vice Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mr. Sung Jao Yiu, Former Director
of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr. Lam Chiu Ying, “Righteous Teacher” Miss Ng Mei Lan and a dozon more Legislative Council members, are also participants.

It is impressive to have over 200 secondary, primary schools and kintergartens joined to date. Also, 13 universities and higher education institutions agreed to join and would encourage staff members and students, particularlly hall residents, to participate.

No Air-Con Night has also received support from over 100 companies and organisations. They encourage their empolyees to turn off air conditioning at home. Environmental protection is a crucial element in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Saving electricilty is one of the best ways to help protect the environment.

Official Webpage for Non Air Con Night: http://www.greensense.org.hk/noaircon

Waste of Electricity in Universities Campuses: The Common Problems
1. Some of the lobbies and classrooms in campuses are well below 23°C, not to mention the recommended 25°C.
2. Air conditioning, projectors and lighting are always on even there are no classes.
3. Air conditioning and lighting of certain teaching buildings or facilities are on overnight.