Green Sense No Air Con Night 2022

Today is Green Sense “No Air Con Night”. This annual energy saving event aims to promote green practices and encourage people to bear the responsibility as a member of the earth village.

To call for more “low carbon” actions, such as wisely use of air con and energy, less meat, more vegetables and less food miles, select second-hand clothes and upcycle, walk more and drive less, we presented “low-carbon” habits at the mini game booth in last month, in relating the actions to the arctic iceberg and polar bears.

We believe the general public may rethink their daily lives and carbon emission. The extended “very hot” days after the mid-autumn festival are the signs of global warming. It cannot be eased by staying at air-conditioned indoor all day and night. Instead, air-con-free cooling methods can be applied at household.

This year we continue to promote the idea of “Turning off the air con when the outdoor temperature is below 27 degree Celsius”. Let “No Air Con Night” be a connection to the nature, to let us feel the weather and seasons’ change, in order to tackle the climate change and global warming.

Until 7th Oct 2022, over 80 thousand households have signed up for “No Air Con Night 2022”! This year, with the significant support from 11 Universities and Higher Education Institutes, and 353 Schools (including 70 Secondary Schools, 123 Primary Schools and 149 Kindergartens), thousands of students, staff and parents have the chance to understand the importance in saving energy and the practice of green lifestyles. Some schools also held different kinds of energy saving activities in response to this campaign, including fun video produced by students echoing No Air Con Night.

Moreover, 274 companies and organizations have pledged to join “No Air Con Night 2022”. Over 1200 buildings and housing estates have called for the support from their colleagues, residents and tenants, and some of the property management offices to turn off the air con. They posted No Air Con Night posters and display the paperless promotion on the e-panels.

It is our honour to gain the generous support from the Hong Kong Observatory and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and having dozens of Government departments and related organizations, such as Auxiliary Medical Service, Buildings Department, Government Property Agency, Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department. Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hongkong Post, Information Services Department, Labour Department, Lands Department, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, Office of the Communications Authority, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, Securities and Futures Commission., hospitals under Hospital Authority are actively promoting our event to their Civil Servant teams.

We are also grateful to have Futou Annie dance and chord for “No Air Con” theme song, from her famous song “夏日熱辣辣” with lyrics re-written. The videos have been published on the social media these weeks.

Meanwhile, a Chinese slogan writing competition about “No Air Con Night” was held last month. 628 writings were received in total. Creative ideas about keeping cool and the global warming situation were addressed. The key message from many of them were ”Energy saving”& “Take eco-action”.

Celebrities of different sectors have supported “No Air Con Night 2022”, including:

w   Dr. CHENG Cho Ming (Director of HK Observatory)

w   Mr. SHUN Chi Ming (Former Director of HK Observatory)

w   Mr. LAM Chiu Ying (Former Director of HK Observatory)

w   Mr. LEUNG Wing Mo (Former Assistant Director of HK Observatory)

w   Futou Annie (Musician)

w   per se (Hong Kong Music Band)

w   Miss Cecilia CHOI (Actress)

w   Miss SHAM Lok Yi(Actress)

w   Mr. MOK Ho Kwong (Founder of Natural Network)

In the previous decade, “No Air Con Night” ceremonies were held in an outdoor air-con-free venue. Even the ceremony cannot be held due to the pandemic for the 3rd year, we believe more and more people value fresh air and air-con-free outdoor environment with natural breezing.

More details about the event: http://greensense.org.hk/noaircon