Are you ready for the No Air Con Night 2022?

“No Air Con Night” is coming for the 13th year in 2022. We call for turning off the air con on that night, in cooling down the Earth. Some people may start to reduce the use of air-conditioning at home by joining the campaign.

sThis year, we continue to promote the idea of “Turning off the air con when the outdoor temperature is below 27 degree Celsius”. Let “No Air Con Night” be a connection to the nature, to let everyone of us feel the weather and seasons’ change, in order to tackle the climate change and global warming.

We believe a change starts day-to-day. To ease the Global Warming and extreme weather, we are responsible for reducing the greenhouse gases emission and implementing green living. When we rely on cooling our room temperature by air con, the weather will be hotter and hotter, which is trapped in a vicious circle. A better way to cool down is turning off the air con.

In the coming August to October, public engagement activities such as a slogan competition (Chinese only) 《無冷氣夜標語創作比賽》is for all ages with prizes. And “No Air Con Night mini game booth” will be held in September.

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More about No Air Con Night:http://greensense.org.hk/noaircon