Green Sense No Air Con Night 2020

Big changes starting with one single move.

All can take action on easing the Global Warming.

While turning on the air con at home on hot days, are you aware of heating up the outdoor temperature?

Hong Kong consumed 4.48 billion kWh of electricity in 2019, of which air-conditioning made up around 30% (1.34 billion kWh of electricity) of the total, that equates releasing 7.44 million tonnes of carbon emission to the atmosphere.

If we rely on indoor air conditioning when the weather gets hotter, a vicious positive feedback is formed in warming the planet.

Using less air conditioning is truly a way in cooling the Earth.

All are welcome to join the “No Air Con Night 2020″ on 9th October (suggesting from 7 pm). The first step of change can be taken by turning off the air con at home together.

Sign up here: www.noaircon.com