Green Sense 8th “Hong Kong No Air Con Night” on 29 Sept: Cooling the Earth by Turning off the Air Con

We can barely feel the cold winter while the summer is hotter and hotter in recent years. In the past,  human changed the climate. Now we should alter worldwide climate change by ourselves!

To accede the “Paris Agreement”, Environment Bureau announced “Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2030+”, aiming at reducing carbon emission in absolute value as well as per capita. To achieve, we all need to be environmentally aware and take action to change. Energy generation is the number one source of greenhouse gases emission. Air conditioning accounts for 30% of all electricity use annually and at least 60% during summer in Hong Kong. Less use of air con matters in lowering emissions. Back in 2004, the indoor temperature at 25.5 degree Celsius were promoted by the Government to arouse the importance in wise use of air con.

The 8th “Hong Kong No Air Con Night” is a territory-wide energy saving campaign to promote the wise use of air conditioning. Participants are suggested to turn off the air con at home from 7pm 29th Sept to the next morning at 7am. Green Sense hope to bring out the importance in reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy through this event. Rethinking the use of electricity and wise use of resources are highlighted.

Since 2010, “Hong Kong No Air Con Night” was a resounding success with the generous support from citizens, the business community, education institutes and political parties. With reference to the pledge collected from the general public, over 80,000 households joined and turned off the air conditioning at home and hostels last year.

Public members are encouraged to shake off the dependency on air conditioning. In order to enjoy the air-con free outdoor environment with natural breeze, “Energetic Night at Waterfront”, a series of free activities are held at Central & Western District Promenade – Central Section (near Tamar Park), including:

  1. Moonlight Orienteering
  2. Sports on Lawn : Fitness Thai boxing
  3. Sports on Lawn : Yoga
  4. Waterfront Stargazing
For enrollment or more details, please refer to the event website: http://greensense.org.hk/noaircon
Are you ready to accept “No Air Con Night Challenge”? Cooling the Earth by Turning off the Air Con. Sign up now!