Green Sense Charity Event: Drink Carton Boxes Recycling Programme

Green Sense founded 15 years ago, it is also a milestone of waste reduction in Hong Kong: The opening of the first local drink carton recycling plant “Mil Mill” ,  as well as the imperative Municipal Solid Waste Charging. In order to arouse the awareness of newly added recyclables, taking proper actions in clean recycling, Green Sense Annual Charity Event (originally named “Charity Hike”) aimed to recruit numerous volunteers to build a giant Drink Carton Mosaic together.

The above description was the event introduction. Due to the outbreak and the lockdown, the volunteer event was forced to cancel. The content of the Charity Event altered from time to time. We worry our annual charity event would be doomed. Lacking of donation would widen the deficit and plans for environmental education in the community would be in vain.

Gladly, our teamwork, plus the supports from Sponsors and Green Partners made us overcoming all odds. A brand new Charity Event comes into the moment we stay at home more often, and be able to take part in clean recycling!

Collections boxes are newly setting up at multiple commercial buildings, shopping malls and residential properties.

When the virus dies down, the drink carton mosaic completed by our team will finally be displayed at public area, to echo the importance of clean recycling and collective contribution.

To treasure a single move to change the future, we hope all of you may donate to Green Sense, and live up together in a greener future.

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Newly added drink carton collection points are listed in alphabetical order:

Hong Kong Island: Pacific Palisades & The Signature

Kowloon: Artisan Hub, KOHO, Majestic Park, Olympian City 1, Olympian City 2, Olympian City 3, One SilverSea, Park Metropolitan & The Hermitage

New Territories: Corinthia by the Sea,  Grand Palisades, Mayfair By The Sea I, Mayfair By The Sea II, Park Hillcrest, Park Villa & The Mediterranean


Green Sense, established in 2004 and registered as Charitable Institutions in 2010. We aim to point out the non-environmental friendly practice in society through research and monitoring.  We enhance the environmental consciousness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmental friendly society, for the sake of our next generation.

We focus on waste management, global warming, ecological conservation, urban planning and reclamation. Collaboration with schools, companies, organizations for Environmental Education are welcome. Seminars, workshops and ecotours are our major education programmes.

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