Green Sense’s Charitable Fund-raising Event【Charity Hike 2019 Crouching Tiger Gazing Lantau】Registration starting Now!

Green Sense’s Charity Hike 2019 is our annual charitable fundraising event, aiming to enhance the nature conservation awareness of the public, as well as raise funds for Green Sense’s environmental protection work. All donations will be used for environmental education, promotion and investigation.

Green Sense’s Charity Hike 2019 will take place at Lo Fu Tau (Tiger’s Head) Trail in North Lantau Country Park. Let’s come and join us in“Crouching Tiger Gazing Lantau”!
Starting at Discovery Bay, we will then climb up to Lo Fu Tau Hilltop Lookout gazing 360 degree view of Lantau. Participants can even view the heatedly discussed “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” proposed reclamation area, Hong Kong International Airport and Victoria Harbour there. The unobstructed view will be unforgettable.
Moreover, rock erosion features such as “Sword Testing Stone”, “Strange Duck Stone”, “Peach Stone” can be found along the route, the unique stone group will amaze the hikers. Our Green Sense trained volunteers will introduce the ecology of Hong Kong and city planning issues on the event day.

We will integrate green practice “Take Your Litter Home” in this event and encourage participants to adopt a green living style in their daily life. We wish to inspire the public to protect our natural environment for the sake of the future generation.


Event Date: 24th March 2019 (Sun)

Route: Kick-Off at DB Plaza, Discovery Bay → Lo Fu Tau Lookout Pavilion (465m) → Lo Fu Tau Country Trail → Olympic Trail→ Silver Mine Cave → Silvermine Waterfall Park

Map: https://www.trailwatch.hk/?t=activities&rid=10099209

(About 10 km, completed in about 4 hours)

*The difficulty of this route is advanced – experienced hikers with proper gear are preferred*

Trail Preview:http://bit.ly/2TnKbqt

Ways to support:

1. Join the Charity Hike 2019【Online Registration】
  • Individual Participant:The minimum donation is $400 ($300 for aged under 18)
  • Team of 2-4 Participants:The minimum donation is HK$2000(For each extra participant, the minimum donation is $500)( Team certificate will be issued for appreciation on the event day)
2. Make a donationClick here to make an online donation.
  • If you cannot join the Charity Hike 2019, donations are welcomed.

Event Details:

09:30am Assembly at DB Plaza, Discovery Bay and Kick-off Ceremony

(Participants may reach the assembly point by ferry at Central Pier #3, by bus from Sunny Bay or Tung Chung: More details: https://bit.ly/2S8fsxk)

10:00am – 03:00pm Start of Charity Hike. There are Check Points along the route, participants can know more about the ecology, impacts of urban planning and green living tips.

After reaching the end point at Silvermine Waterfall Park, participants may walk to Mui Wo.

(Participants may leave Mui Wo to Tung Chung by bus or to Central by ferry.)


  • All participants will receive a participation certificate and souvenir pack.
  • Limited amount of snacks will be provided for participants


Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions:

The organiser, its contractors and employees and representatives will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to participants or spectators during the event.

Donation is non-refundable. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to participants who declare false information on their application form, do not make the minimum donation, or fail to meet application requirements as stated.

About Us

Green Sense was established in 2004 and registered as a Charitable Institution in 2010. In the past 15 years, we opined over a hundred local environmental issues such as urban planning, energy saving, waste reduction & recycling, protection of wildlife & ecosystem etc.

We aim to point out the non-environmentally friendly practice in society through research and monitoring. We monitor governmental and corporate operations and provide suggestions to improve their environmental performance. We enhance the environmental awareness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmentally friendly society, for the sake of our next generation.