Green Sense Charity Hike 2018 now open for recruitment!

Green Sense was established in 2004 and registered as a tax charitable exempted institution in 2010. We aim to point out the non-environmentally friendly practice in society through research and supervision. We enhance the environmental awareness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmentally friendly society, for the sake of our next generation. In the past 13 years, Green Sense opined over a hundred issues in urban planning, energy saving & reduction of carbon emission, waste recycling, protection of wildlife & ecosystem, reducing the use of disposable utensils, cessation of air conditioning abuse etc. We also monitor governmental and corporate operations and provide suggestions to improve their environmental performance. In environmental education, we promote among schools so as to nurture the youth for contributing a greener society in the future.

Charity Hike 2018 is Green Sense’s annual charity fundraising event, aiming to enhance the nature conservation awareness of the public, as well as raise funds for Green Sense’s environmental protection work. The Charity Hike this year will commence from Hok Tau in Pat Sin Leng Country Park to Tai Po.

Green Sense Charity Hike 2018 is an annual outdoor activity for the public. Following the Kick-off Ceremony at Hok Tau Barbecue Area, we approach Hok Tau Reservoir, which offers out-of-the-world scenery with its shimmering reflections of sunlight and dancing shades of green. There we take a flight of steps bringing us to the Wilson Trail, and climb the hill under the company of tree shades and bird songs. After a brief rest at the hilltop, we resume along Wilson Trail towards Cloudy Hill, the highest point of the day’s journey. Surrounded by plains, Cloudy Hill amazes one with a wide and unobstructed view: To the Southeast, the blue glimmering Plover Cove; to the Northeast, the awe-inspiring mountain range of Pat Sin Leng; to the Southwest, the plains of Tai Wo with toy-like villages and passing trains. The journey approaches its end as we descend the steps towards Fu Heng Estate, Tai Po. There, along with souvenirs and certificates from volunteers, we bring back with us memories of a fascinating day.

Date: 25th March 2018 (Sunday)

Route: Pat Sin Leng Country Park-Hok Tau Barbecue Area → Hok Tau Reservoir → Wilson Trail #8 (Reverse) → Cloudy Hill → Tai Po Tau (8km finished in 3 hours)

The minimum donation for company/ organization/ school team is HK$2000 (2-4 persons, for each extra participant, the minimum donation is $400). Team certificate will be issued for appreciation on the event day.

The minimum donation is $400 for individual participant ($300 for aged under 18).

*The difficulty of this route is medium – we advise participants to have certain hiking experience beforehand. (Group Personal Insurance included)


09:00 –– Assembly at Fanling Railway Station
09:00 – 09:30 –– Shuttle Bus to Hok Tau Barbecue Area
09:30 – 10:00 –– Kick-off Ceremony
10:00 – 13:30 –– Check Points in operations
Around 13:30 –– End Point in Tai Po

For more details, please click here: http://greensense.org.hk/charityhike