ECC Green Lunar New Year Fair (Tsuen Wan)

Green Sense was invited by Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to promote waste reduction and recycling at Tsuen Wan Lunar New Year (LNY) Fair. Green Sense will be in charge of such green activities.

Several measures and projects will be introduced, such as shopping bags sharing, LNY freecycle and Green Stall Label (GSL) programme. We hope citizens and stall operators can take part to have a Green Lunar New Year!

LNY freecycle

At the end of each year’s LNY fair, a vast amount of materials including marquees, furniture and even unsold goods are left behind and, ultimately, sent to the landfills.

That is why we are setting up a Resources Sharing Area. At the end of the Fair, stall operators who have left materials and goods can carry them to the Sharing Area for donation.

At a designated time period, citizens can come and claim goods they need at the Sharing Area. Not only are the stress on our landfills relieved, but the sense of community and mutual help can also be strengthened.


Green Stall Label (GSL) programme

1st Dec 2017 was the day of Tsuen Wan LNY fair stall auction day. Green Sense has sent our representatives to explain our programme and invite them to participate. Stall operators who pledge to carry out at least two of the following green measures will receive a special ‘Green Stall’ signboard.

1. Reduce waste and carry out clean recycling.

2. Do not willingly provide shopping or plastic bags.

3. Provide discounts to customers who use their own eating utensils.

4. At the end of the fair, take away as many unsold goods and reuse as many materials as possible.

5. Carry unsold goods and reusable materials to the Resources Sharing Area.

We hope that you can support stalls with green stall labels while enjoying your time in the Tsuen Wan LNY fair.


Shopping Bags Sharing

To reduce the use of plastic bags, we will set up several Shopping Bags Sharing Stations at the Fair for shoppers to use.

We are collecting reusable shopping bags (e.g. those made of non-woven fabric or nylon) from the public in January. Through the collection of bags and their sharing at the LNY Fair, we hope to promote the green concepts of reusing and recycling, as well as the Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) culture.

More details will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!