Green Christmas Tips by Green Sense

Green Sense has carried out “Green Christmas School” programme since 2006. In this decade, we delivered Green Christmas messages and advocated behaviour change in schools and community. There were over 1300 secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens participated in this programme throughout the years and became a regular activity among hundreds of schools every year.

The importance of  “Green Christmas” are widely spread for years. Other than supporting Green practices in Christmas, the green tips should be applied in daily life:

      1. Do not be a “Big waster”
        • Prepare appropriate amount of food
        • Cook it yourself and avoid having buffet
        • Choose low carbon diet: Less meat and more vegetables
        • Use less or reuse aluminium tray
        • Prepare reusable utensils and refuse using disposable plastic tablecloth
        • Separate food and waste from recyclables
      2. Consume less and be creative
        • Reuse Christmas tree and decorations every year and DIY decorations with waste
        • Use magazine paper or used gift wrapping paper
        • Do not use party confetti spray and foam snow spray
        • Exchange unused stuff through second-hand platform,  or donate to those in need
        • Beware of  ”free” “eco-friendly” gift, they may not be truly environmentally friendly!
      3. Join activities and workshops held by social enterprises or green groups
        • Support up-cycling products and local handicraft
        • Strengthen social connection and know more about the community

For more information, please go to Green Christmas website http://greensense.org.hk/gxmas.
Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. Wish you all a Happy Green Christmas!