Support Green Sense Kowloon Flag Day on 18th July

Green Sense, established in 2004 and registered as Charitable Institutions in 2010.

We aim to point out the non-environmental friendly practice in society through research and monitoring. We enhance the environmental consciousness by education and publicity, in order to ultimately achieve an environmental friendly society. This year is our 10th Anniversary, we strive for the eco concept and promote the green living continuously with the public, for the sake of our next generation.

In this decade, we advocated different environmental issues and dealt with complaints & cases , including urban planning, energy saving and carbon reduction, waste recycling, protection of marine life, reducing the use of disposable tableware, air conditioning etc. We keep an eye on the government policies and operations, while monitoring public and private sectors in their environmental behaviour. Moreover, we promote environmental education in the community and in schools for our  future generations.

Green Sense relies on donations from the public, education institutions and corporate. This year, Social Welfare Department approved us to carry out the Flag Day on July 18 in Kowloon District, the fund-raising Flag Selling is to support our continued promotion of local environmental conservation and education work.

On 18/7/2015, three organisations will conduct flag selling activities respectively in Hong Kong Island region (HKI), Kowloon region (KLN) and the New Territories region (NT). We are authorised to conduct the Flag Selling in Kowloon region.

Volunteers are sincerely invited to join us on 18/7/2015 from 7am to 12:30pm. We target to recruit 1000 volunteers for the Flay Day. Volunteers will gain 5.5 hours for volunteer work at most. “The Most Participated team”, “Top Fund-raising Team” & “Top Fund-raising Individual” will be awarded.

For online registration and other details, please click: http://greensense.org.hk/flagday

For Flag Day donation, please click: http://greensense.org.hk/donate (Please state as Flag Day Donation)

Your support motivates us to strive for a greener future. See you all on 18th July 2015!