Land Sale of Tseung Kwan O site First Advertisement from Green Sense Wanted! Developer with Social Responsibility

From the experience of 7 sales of land in recent 5 years, we, Green Sense, found that most constructed buildings are walled, despite the concern of the society. 

A piece of land close to Tseung Kwan O MTR station will be sold by auction on 22nd February. Although the regulation of future development is improved, there is no minimum requirement of the distance between buildings. The length of the rectangular construction site is 120m. The length of its diagonal line is 150m. It is probable that three to four adjacent buildings will be constructed in the land. The vertical area of the “wall” will assemble an erected 1.5 football pitches.

Because of the high density of buildings in Tseung Kwan O, Civil Engineering and Development Department conducted a consultancy study in 2005. As a result, Planning Department lowered the density and height of buildings of south Tseung Kwan O through Outline Zoning Plan. However, some of the planning goals and vision reported in the study played no role in the coming land sale in Tseung Kwan O. According to the plan in the study, there would be a non-building area in the middle of the land and distance between buildings. (For details, you may go to http://www.cedd.gov.hk/tc/topics/tko/exe_summary.htm Figure 5- Urban Design Plan for the Further Development Areas or see the attached picture.)

It is the first time for Green Sense posing advertisement in newspaper urging for a ‘conscience developer’ (Mingpao and Sing Tao Daily, on 9th February). We invite each developer guarantees that the future development plan includes ventilation corridor of 15m width (by imposing a height limit of 20m), going from East to West. It will also be a view corridor for residents of Bauhinia Garden. The invitation will be sent through advertisement and letters (Chinese version only: http://www.greensense.org.hk/good_developer). Through reasons and conscience, we hope that developers will start to change their mind to a more social responsible one. We will hold a press conference one day before the auction, 21st February, and disclose the list of ‘conscience developers’. Developers are welcomed to participate the conference. In order to show our utmost sincere, this time, we do not make a planning application to Town Planning Board and as a result reduce the uncertainty for developers when bidding.

We suggest the Lands Department clearly states distance between buildings and requires non-building area or ventilation corridors in the Conditions of Sale of land sale sites. These steps will help prevent construction of walled buildings.

Attached Picture

Further Development of Tseung Kwan O – Feasibility Study  (2005, then Civil Engineering Department, currently Civil Engineering and Development Department)

*All words and expressions should be construed according to the press release in Chinese.